Chroma Falls - Obsidian EP

I love downtempo electro, the style emanates emotion, and production prowess. Now, I can add another set of sensational tracks to my playlist thanks to UK composer and producer, Chroma Falls and his Obsidian EP.

The Obsidian EP is purely an instrumental affair, with each track brandishing a unique and sultry soundscape. Opening the EP is 'Panoramic', an epic introduction consisting of orchestral overtones, sweeping synths, and burning bass. 'Panoramic' gives way to the experimental tones of 'Affinity', where colourful carol like stems flourish above a propulsive progression. 'With Distance' ensues, retaining the driving production, whilst a crisp composition dances delicately above. The EP's title track 'Obsidian' closes the elegant ensemble with a rich, subterranean tone.

Chroma Falls has hammered home an EP that'll remain in my favourites for some time. The Obsidian EP is one of the best downtempo releases dropped so far this year. I can't wait to see what else is in store from Chroma Falls.