Sydney’s CLYPSO has your summer vibes covered with her lush debut EP, Cameo.

CLYPSO’s signature sound forged through captivating vocal cuts, sweeping samples, and bubbly beats are pronounced and expansive over Cameo’s six tracks.

Opening the EP is the aptly named ‘Enter’. The track’s harrowing introduction shaped by creaks and ominous drones is soon replaced by tropical beats and calming waves. The buoyant beats are carried through to ‘Strange Behaviour’ featuring the vivacious vocals of CLYPSO and guest vocalist Sophiegrophy. ‘Pop Roll Flow’ transforms the sultry sounds into a modern revitalisation of 80’s vapour wave. ‘Bounty’ and its driving progression is perfect for the depths of the club. ‘Middle Ground’ returns Cameo back to its abundant tropical aura, as CLYPSO and Kwame lay down verses with crisp cadence. Closing the EP’s dynamic duration is ‘Beyond Desire’ featuring the lush lyrics of Bobby Singh.

Filled with multiple memorable moments, Cameo is a resolute debut EP from an equally determined artist. I can’t wait to hear what CLYPSO has planned in the coming year.


Cameo Press Shot.jpg