Crooked Colours - Vera LP


Perth’s indie electronic trio, Crooked Colours have made some racket for themselves over the past year. Playing at some of Australia’s hottest festivals including Groovin the Moo, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and most recently, Hot Dub Wine Machine, the boys have captured the attention of punters and are rising the ranks making it to the top of the Australian Music Charts.

After releasing their wonderful singles including ‘Come Down’, ‘Capricious’ and ‘Another Way’, Crooked Colours have built up a huge amount of excitement for their debut album ‘Vera.

The Vera LP is mixture of funky synths and syrupy vocals album. We had a taste test of the album with the release of singles ‘Flow’ and ‘I Hope You Get It’ that features Ivan Ooze earlier this year. ‘Flow’ opens the LP, bringing fresh atmospheric vibes with soft, mint sounds, as well as dazed lyrics throughout the tune.

We previously described ‘Flow’ as sonically refreshing, and this is true for the entire album.

Oozing with swift synth stabs and leads is ‘I Hope You Get It’ featuring Melbourne indie hip hop artist Ivan Ooze on the vocals. A rad collaboration between the two acts who seductively fuse harmonies that flow freely. ‘I Hope You Get It’ has become a favourite for many listeners and has wonderful feedback.

Titled track ‘Vera’ sits neatly in the middle of the album, with gooey upbeat thuds and textures that mash together nicely (Bangers and mash anyone?). Relatively similar to some of Ronald Tings work, the two-minute track sounds as if it was an experiment in the studio that has turned out pretty wicked. ‘Vera’ is pleasing, yet edgy.

A bit of wobble bass, and vivid vocals brings together ‘Shine On'; being the penultimate on the album. ‘Shine On’ is an ultimate tune. With soft synths and beats, ‘Shine On’ just makes you want to throw your hands in the air, and hoot with delight.

Vera successfully showcases Crooked Colours rise in the electronic music scene. As Triple J Unearthed artists, Phil, Leon and Liam are soaring with flying colours with their lush vocals and rollicking verses throughout their first LP.

2017 is only the beginning for Crooked Colours, as they have recently finished touring with Hot Dub Wine Machine and supporting Crystal Castle’s tour in May. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy of Vera and let it sooth those winter blues! Be sure to keep your eyes and ears locked on the Crooked Colours boys as they’re departing on an Aussie tour over August.