PREMIERE: Culttastic - Ugly Is Beautiful

Ukrainian-American producer, Culttastic has returned in style with her first release in five years. Culttastic’s ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’ is a disco-tinged, synth-pop gem destined to become a party pleaser.

With a history of rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating, Culttastic aka Alisa Nizhniy, has practice in precision. ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’ is precise and measured; an exciting display of icy synthetics and vivacious vocals. Spritely production is paired with edgy and raw lyrics, resulting Culttastic’s unbridled emotion to reign free. Culttastic’s deep understanding for sound has delivered an alt-pop track that is as close to perfect as you can get. ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’ is the strongest release to date for Culttastic, and is an insight to the rising musician’s bright future.

With each subsequent release, Culttastic is set to continue to make strides in the art pop realm. I can’t wait to see what’s to come.