Deadcrow - III EP

Hailing from the Netherlands, producer and composer, Deadcrow has been revolving in the underground scene with his forward thinking and enticing electronic ensembles. Primarily producing wave, Deadcrow has now released his III EP, an insightful album packed with some of the best sounds the revolutionary genre has to offer.

Consisting of eight tracks, III delivers everything we’ve grown to love about Deadcrow. The producer’s attention to detail, surging symphonies, and diverse sound arrangements flourish throughout the EP’s lavish progression. Opening the EP is ‘Obsidian’, a spacious single which sets the foundation for Deadcrow’s provoking production. ‘Mw1’ follows suit as sweeping synths amalgamate with a stripped back beat. ‘LV-223’ blends an organic base with fabricated overtones, resulting in an unsettling ensemble that’s certain to keep you on the edge of your seat. ‘Ai_mod’ maintains the premise forged in ‘LV-223’ but builds on the synthetic nuances that blossom throughout the track’s spry progression. ‘Subsonic’ dials back the industrial soundscape, replacing it with fluid freeform bass. ‘Interlinked’ is one of III’s highlights, the track blossoms as frantic breakdowns battle with brisk beats. ‘T-800’s ascending nature lends it to being an expansive party pleaser in most bass scenes. Closing III is ‘End_world’ a drone and ambient saturated single, where planetary sized pads fill the voids with ominous resonance.

There’s a reason why Deadcrow is such a sought after name in the bass and wave scenes. The artist’s comprehensive understanding of both the movements of the music industry and the notions of sound have set him above his contemporaries. I can’t wait to hear what’s to come from this distinguished musician.