Desert Moons - Deep Water

Experimental-electro brother duo, Desert Moons have just dropped a buoyant new single, 'Deep Water'.

'Deep Water' is a track that boasts the soothing vocal harmonies of enigmatic front man, Jake Dobson. These vocals flow and meander through the carefully constructed electronic soundscape designed by brother, Simon. This results in a natural yet dynamic progression, where the song's intricately designed layers position itself into a place of beauty.

We're looking forward the future releases from the pair, there are definitely some great things happening!

‘Deep Water’ is a metaphor for feeling outside your comfort zone. Just like deep ocean waters, the idea of being in uncharted territory can be a confronting concept. At times in my life, I’ve had no choice but to face my demons head on, however ended up in a more advantageous position by addressing these challenges. It’s helped define my character and realise that fear is only a delusion created by the mind
— Desert Moons
Desert Moons - Press Shot #1.jpg