Donatachi - In Love (Feat. Rosebud Leach)

PC prince, Donatachi has dropped a buoyant single, ‘In Love’ featuring Rosebud Leach.

‘In Love’ flaunts the best of Donatchi’s bubblegum pop, and colourful cadence. A rubbery rhythm rebounds vigorously through the track’s jovial nature. Rosebud Leach’s animated aura shines, as lush lyrics dance through the aerial atmosphere. ‘In Love’ flourishes in its cheerful disposition, as the single’s chirpy character takes hold. Donatachi and Rosebud Leach’s collaboration on ‘In Love’ shines, lifting the track to a celestial height.

Donatachi and Rosebud Leach are rising the ranks. I’m keen to see what’s next for the pair.