Doolie - Attention (Feat. China Roses)

Sunshine Coast based rising pop sensation, Doolie has released, ‘Attention’ in conjunction with China Roses.

‘Attention’ is a defining era for Doolie as she cements her stance in the Australian music scene. A fluid production, courtesy of GXNXVS, emanates a swooning base for the luminous topine to beam. Joining on the single’s sensuous soundscape is one of Adelaide’s most promising acts, China Roses and her delicate vocal arrangements. ‘Attention’ promenades some of the best sonics we’ve heard from Doolie, and it’s a sign for her movements in the future.

I can’t wait to hear what’s to come from Doolie, she’s definitely worked her way into my favourites list.

Doolie press shot.jpg