dotMPEG - Die

Underground act, dotMPEG’s release ‘Die’, blends wave with industrial spheres.

‘Die’ and its hybrid essence questions the melodic sounds of wave by peppering the celestial soundscape with harsh electronic elements. The oscillating ensemble surges with fluid form as the two sound portfolios dance for power throughout the potent progression. ‘Die’ explores the turbulence between life and death, and dotMPEG perfectly renditions that journey into a sonic sensation. The forward thinking nature of ‘Die’ breaks boundaries and propels innovative sound design forward. dotMPEG his ability to transcend the confines of a genre, and to create something inimitable.

I can’t wait for the musician’s next release, but in the mean time I can add dotMPEG to the “acts I love” list.

Die. Because thats the only thing you have left to do if you’re going to give up. If you are not willing to go hard, you can give up and die; being the ultimate form of rest and relaxation
— dotMPEG