DVNA - Looking Like A Snack

Gold Coast producer and vocalist, DVNA is back with another phenomenal release, ‘Looking Like A Snack’.

‘Looking Like A Snack’ is a genre blended concoction, that is designed to remedy any sadness in your life. The single’s uplifting neo-soul aura is driven forward by equally elating electronica. If you love the soothing tones of Goldlink, Jarreau Vandal, Jorja Smith, or Raveena, you’ll adore DVNA’s lavish lyrical arrangements. The fluidity of ‘Looking Like A Snack’ transports the listener to a realm of euphoria. DVNA is comparable to industry powerhouses, as she flaunts her artistic aptitude throughout the single’s vibrant vistas.

Although DVNA is in the early stages of her career, the artist has an incredibly bright future ahead of her. I can’t wait to hear what’s to come next!

DVNA - Press Image.JPG