DVNA - Sushi In Tokyo

Gold Coast’s R&B rising star, DVNA has delivered ‘Sushi In Tokyo’ ahead of her showcase at BIGSOUND.

The grooving and nonchalant nature of DVNA’s sublime sonic is fully apparent in ‘Sushi In Tokyo’s flourishing composition. The swooning and dreamy production is the perfect base to DVNA’s lush lyrical performance. A captivating charm cascades the listener’s mindset into a luxurious domain of R&B bliss, while DVNA’s vivid vocals ooze into the soul. ‘Sushi In Tokyo’ joins the adept artist’s impressive discography including the phenomenal ‘Girl On The Move’ , and the plush ‘Looking Like A Snack’.

Be sure to check out DVNA at BIGSOUND and on tour with Leisure’s ‘Twister’ tour.

DVNA Press photo - Sushi In Tokyo August 2019T.jpg