Enschway - Friendschway Volume 3

Sydney sider and all round trap legend Enschway has returned with Volume 3 of his Friendschway EP series. This time Enschway has teamed up with three young guns making a name for themselves; Jupe, Perto, and Leotrix.

Friendschway Volume 3, opens with 'Make It Work' featuring Savoi.  'Make It Work' showcases Savoi's lush lyrics with Enschway's vivacious composition and Jupe's terrific trap. The single slowly develops before erupting into a flurry of feel good modulation. 'Lose It' the EP's second single continues the boisterous trend, with Perto and Enschway not holding back! The pair morph monstrous beats with abstruse aspects that culminate into a vigorous climax. Leotrix's collaboration with Enschway closes Friendschway Volume 3 with 'Can't Stay Here'. Leotrix's harsh style clashes with Enschway's ethereal take on trap and bass to compose an aggressive and ruthless party pleaser.

Enschway and friends have formulated a collaboration EP that's set to make waves within the bass and trap scenes, both locally and internationally. You can catch Enschway on tour throughout July.

Luke Byatt