Essie Holt - Better for You

Melbourne-based artist Essie Holt has released a soulful-banger with her new song, ‘Better for You’.

‘Better for You’ exhibits expressive vocals and emotively-driven lyrics. The combination of synth, and subtle apt percussion drives the single forward, producing a rhythmic and vibrant feel. The structure and dynamics are controlled delicately, as the supple verses glide effortlessly into its soaring chorus. Produced by Mark Zito and mixed by Dave Hammer, ‘Better for You’ oozes stout professionalism, and production prowess that enables a powerful connection with the listener. ‘Better for You’ is the perfect slice of electronic indie-pop to add to your playlist.  

Essie Holt is nailing her sound and making moves within the music scene. I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Essie Holt - 'Better For You' Select 2.png