Fatboy Slim vs Australia Remix EP

What happens when you have one of the world's biggest producers approach some of Australia's greatest musicians? Magic, that's what!

Over the years, Fatboy Slim has grooved his way into our hearts with his sensational catalogue of outstanding releases. Now the likes of Northlane, The Kite String Tangle, Set Mo, The Aston Shuffle, Sam La More (of Pnau), Carmada and LO’99 have all placed their own mark on the classics, as part of the Fatboy Slim vs Australia Remix EP. Although the EP as a whole is a colossal amount of fun, a few tracks stand out for me.

Drew Carmody and Max Armata, of Carmada are known for their monstrous mixes, and their remix of 'Right Here, Right Now' is no exception. Whilst retaining the notable aspects from the original, Carmada dial up the party when the drop hits, elevating the track to heights of unseen proportion. The synth heavy elements of the mix are further complimented by a thumping bass alluding to the past successes of dubstep and Carmada's bass centric roots. Overall Carmada have nailed this one, and it'll be on repeat for a long time!

The Kite String Tangle has taken a different root with his remix of 'Praise You'.  Known for his soundscapes, The Kite String Tangle has had a field day reworking the classic party pleaser. A gradual build up is constructed with various layers of ethereal stems resulting a triumphant blast of horns, crisp drums, and celestial vocals. The Kite String Tangle is a master of his craft, and all his skill and prowess is presented aptly in this track.

The Fatboy Slim vs Australia Remix EP is truely an experience, and I highly recommend listening to some of Australia's finest take on Fatboy Slim.

I’m totally down for vs Australia, sounds like a dual and a whole lot of fun if ever I heard it
— Fatboy Slim

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