Øfdream - Perception

Wave heavy weight, Øfdream has returned in a formidable fashion with his single 'Perception', released via Liquid Ritual. 

Overall 'Perception' is a full bodied track that thrives throughout its elaborate progression. Øfdream's inclusion of his airy vocals, delivers an elating experience that positions the 'Perception' as one of my favourite wave tracks to date. Atmospheric aspects morph with buoyant beats, and serene synths. Inklings of 'Perception's second segment subtly glimmer before animated arpeggios ascend the soundscape. Øfdream's 'Perception' is awe-inspiring, and a prime example of why you should be paying attention to the wave scene.

It's clear why Liquid Ritual signed Øfdream, the UK muso is an outstanding producer with an equally distinguished catalogue. I can't wait to hear what's next for both Øfdream and Liquid Ritual.