Flamingo Jones - Lazers In The Jungle EP

Meet Flamingo Jones a Melbourne based electronic act who has just dropped their EP, Lazers In The Jungle.

Filled with fluorescent caribbean vibes, the opening track ‘North (We’ll Be Warmer Up There)’ steps into a tropical wilderness of fresh dance music. This lush journey is continued throughout the EP. Tracks ‘Melbourne Hi-Life’ and ‘She’s On The Surf Coast’ add additional lavish flair and flavour. Flamingo Jones builds upon these vibes with, ‘The Island Does Crazy Things’, where Afro-Cuban instumentals are melded with atmospheric arrangements.

Flamingo Jones has a talent of mixing fun, uplifting tones and textures to create an unique tropical aura. The hybrid use of experimental synths, samples and vocals encapture a tropical resort, combined with the cultural aura of Melbourne’s music scene building a quirky ambience.

Listening to the EP, its easy to have your mind drift off to a mystical island, where you lay on the edge of a beach underneath dancing canopies whilst sipping on a pina colada. You can experience this live when Flamingo Jones drops into The Gasometer on October 5 to launch the Lazers In The Jungle EP. You can check out the event page HERE.