Flight Facilities - All Your Love (Feat. Dustin Tebbutt)

Flight Facilities have flown back into my heart with their soulful single 'All Your Love' featuring Dustin Tebbutt.

'All Your Love' capitalises on everything I love about Flight Facilities, from luminous lyrics to a prosperous progression. The track melds Flight Facilities' lush and sensuous soundscapes with the raw warmth of Dustin Tebbutt's Neo-Folk. 'All Your Love' gradually ascends into a realm of reflection and buoyant beatitude, as vivid vocals flirt with the invigorating composition. Acoustic elements blend seamlessly with elaborate electronic design. It's clear that each stem, note, and lyric has been purposefully placed, resulting in a perfectly polished production. With 'All Your Love' being one of the sultry singles released over the past couple of months, perhaps this is an indication that there's an EP or album on the way? I hope so!

With each release Flight Facilities reaffirm why they're at the top of the game. You can also catch Flight Facilities live on tour throughout September! Tickets, HERE.

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