Flight Facilities - Need You (Feat. NÏKA)

If you know me personally, you'd gather that I'm a massive Flight Facilities fan... So it wouldn't be a surprise to you, that when the Aussie duo announced that they were releasing a new single my inner fan boy emerged. 'Need You' featuring New Zealand based vocalist NÏKA is a masterclass in electro pop production and composition.

Flight Facilities have a knack of creating engaging dance tracks that explore the human condition and its musings and desires. This take on  emotive and highly curated production allows for the duo to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to their releases. With each listen of 'Need You', its clear that Flight Facilities have placed careful consideration with each stem, beat, and note. A driving beat lays neatly under the intricate instrumental progressing the single through a sensual soundscape. In classic Flight Facilities style, shimmering synths, palatial piano swell tease their way around the animated topline. NÏKA's smooth vocals emanate reminiscing tone as they flow through the textured composition. Playful additions such as a pan flute, and an enigmatic aura add a charismatic essence to the spirited single.

Flight Facilities have honed in on their strengths, and composed a track that tug at the heart strings, whilst making you want to dance. I'm extraordinarily excited to see the boys when they go on tour later this year.