Floret Loret - Tangled Roots EP

United States producer and composer, Floret Loret has just released his Tangled Roots EP

Over its five-track structure, Tangled Roots explores the depths of the dubstep and left-field bass scenes with impressive aptitude. Floret Loret’s production prowess is on full display as the EP traverses a varied and ornate soundscape.

Opening track, ‘Amaryllis’ invites listeners in with lush sonics, setting the stage for Tangled Roots full ensemble. Following suit is ‘Juniper’s verdant facades, which transform into an elaborate breakdown of delectable dubstep. ’Cantuta’ maintains the elating elements, while progressing the EP into a heavier dance focused realm. Floret Loret reinvigorates grunge driven left-field bass with ‘Puya Raimondii’s surging samples and blossoming melodies. ‘Árbol’ close the Tangled Roots EP with an equally stirring composition as the album’s predecessors.

Overall, Tangled Roots is a flourishing journey through a sultry soundscape. With buoyant beats and an airy atmosphere, Floret Loret breathes new life into a genre spectrum renown for eerie ensembles.