G Flip - About Us

G Flip released her debut album, About Us, a statement of human heartbreak, and finding your own way in life.

The album applies a deep sense of human connection and incompatibility, as it follows the complicated feelings that G Flip experienced during an intense relationship. This is reflected in the album’s opener, ‘Lover’ which exudes a lugubrious emotion, examining the first steps of a breakup. ‘I Am Not Afraid’ brings forth the new confidence after a breakup. From its happy undertones to its boisterous instrumental, G Flip sets up the path of reconciliation with herself. The album’s tracks frequent between ecstatic songs about determination and somber songs that reflect the dismal feelings that comes with heartbreak. G Flip expresses that downfall and resilience are inevitable with a breakup, which can be seen in the songs such as ‘Morning’ and ‘Killing My Time’. Many of the songs display the disparity between the want for reconciliation and the need for distance. The single, ‘About You’, reflects the anguish of the ending of a relationship. Amongst the other nine tracks, the final ‘2 Million’ is an omen, as the relationship is played on a world stage for everyone to hear. The track wraps up the album with perplexity as G Flip reflects both about the past and questions about what will happen in the future. About Us is a narrative of heartbreak, anguish, courage and reconciliation.

This cathartic album is a promising glimpse into the future of the artist, with the last song lending itself as the final page of a story that’s only just beginning. G Flip will begin her 2019 tour for About Us in November, so be sure to catch G Flip when she is in your city next!