George FitzGerald - Passing Trains (Seeking Stars Remix)

Atmospheric, moody and introspective are the first words that come to mind when listening to Seeking Stars’ remix of George FitzGerald’s ‘Passing Trains’.

Seeking Stars retains the initial alluring aura that George FitzGerald set out to achieve with ‘Passing Trains’ original mix. Where Seeking Star’s remix differentiates itself from George FitzGerald is in the structural aesthetic. George FitzGerald’s original rendition opts for an elevated emanation, while the remix gradually transforms ‘Passing Trains’ from a modern day meditative ensemble into an elating affair. Seeking Stars’ respect for the original composer is apparent when delving into the remix’s baroque structure. Overall both renditions of ‘Passing Trains’ harness a fluid and ethereal semblance that sings to the soul.

Seeking Stars is certainly one to watch as he continues to make leaps and bounds through the music scene.