Golden Vessel - Dizzy (feat. Oscar Key Sung)

Brisbane producer and vocalist, Max Byrne best know by his stage name, Golden Vessel has left us all star struck with a new single ‘Dizzy’, featuring the vocals of Oscar Key Sung.

In ‘Dizzy’, Byrne utilises stunning, and sparkly production that has been a standout of previous singles. Retaining the captivating aura of ‘Hesitate’, the single blends a slick, lo-fi aesthetic with Golden Vessel’s signature flair. Although the single has its alluring quirks, the ‘Dizzy’ music video truely sells the release. Throughout the video, Golden Vessel embraces the campiness in his sound and delivers a charismatic and melancholy mix in a visually appealing format. Utilising a karaoke style video to match his sound, Golden Vessel crafts a unique experience to match a standout single.

Golden Vessel never ceases to disappoint, I can’t wait to see what’s next for the muso.