Sydney sider and rising pop act, GRAACE has entered our souls with her new bitter sweet single, ‘SOS’, pulled from her debut EP, Self Sabotage.

‘SOS’ is a poignant call to action to expose an individual’s internal battles with mental illness. GRAACE explores the unsavoury reality of hiding the painful truth behind a false facade. GRAACE’s lush vocals dance freely through the succulent soundscape, juxtaposing the lyrical depth, “I'm calling SOS, waiting for your rescue, the only problem is I'm good at hiding all my issues.” The intimate nature of ‘SOS’ is complimented through the sparse and hazy production. Throughout ‘SOS’ emotion lingers, penetrating deep into the soul, sparking pensiveness reflection. At 21, GRAACE’s musical maturity exceeds her years, and ‘SOS’ is a testament to her depth, and astute commentary of the human condition.

GRAACE never stops blowing me away, I can’t wait to listen to the Self Sabotage EP.