Hypersleep - Charcoal EP

Todd Proctor best known for his work as Melbourne based producer, Hypersleep is arguably one of Australia's best underground talents.

After playing at Strawberry Fields in 2015 the producer's well thought out, and evocative works were discovered and sought by Nest HQ, Double J, and various other renown music publications. Now two years on, Hypersleep has returned with a near perfectly crafted EP entitled Charcoal.

Throughout the EP, long looping improvised "jam sessions" are stitched together to create an emotive, and intimate listening environment; that said, each element added is calculated and purposeful. Charcoal is a near perfect EP due to the architecturally designed soundscapes that are built upon Hypersleep's strong musical foundation.

Hypersleep's ability to build songs with abstract meanings is a skill that not many producers can pull off... The Charcoal EP is quite easy to listen to, but if you delve deep into the creative process and really dissect the production you are met with something that is deep, intellectual, and emotively profound.

You can catch Hypersleep at The Workshop in Melbourne on the 1st of April for the launch of the Charcoal EP.

Track 1: Pyramid Key

Track 2: Charcoal Feat. Arrom

Track 3: Who Runs The Void

Track 5: Hammer & Triangle

Track 4: Flood



A Near Perfect EP