Isadora - Fake Nice (Selftape Remix)

Sydney producer, Self Tape has just flipped ‘Fake Nice’ from Isadora, one of Australia’s promising new acts.

‘Fake Nice’ collates soulful R&B with dynamic house ensembles, resulting in a dance focused release that exudes class and elegance. The tantalising production swells with succulent symphonies, buoyant beats, and a prosperous progression. Although the underlying instrumentation has been reworked, Isadora’s swooning vocal performance has not only been preserved, but elevated by Self Tape’s rendition. The flirtation amidst ‘Fake Nice’s syrupy stems, seeps throughout the single’s divine duration. Self Tape’s rework of Isadora’s ‘Fake Nice’ is undoubtedly one of my favourite remixes of this year.

Self Tape’s growth as an artist shouldn't go unnoticed, as he continues to make strides with his collaborations, and original productions.