Isla Den - Water Signs

Water Signs is the debut EP from Canadian synth-pop duo Isla Den. If the name Isla Den sounds familiar, we premiered their single 'Virtual Copy ii' a few weeks back, which you can read, HERE. For the first major release of the Isla Den project, Water Signs delivers a set of five well-balanced tracks.

Opener ‘We’re All Leaving’ welcomes the audience to Isla Den and eloquently sets the stage for a nostalgic, yet future-forward EP. The melodic ambience continues through a gorgeous, snare-heavy ethereal soundscape in ‘Sunless’. ‘Sunless’ finds a beautiful balance between nostalgia and relevance by lyrically focusing on “forgetting the afterlife” and remaining in the moment. ‘Virtual Copy ii’ is a more contemporary addition to the EP, maintaining the simple rhythm of previous tracks while mixing up more electronic-altered vocals. Water Signs closes with ‘Indigo League’ and ‘xixi’. Both tracks have a heavy focus on the soaring production which samples from natural sounds, leading the EP to culminate in sounds of time distant, to the past and the future; the present.

Isla Den have definitely secured their place as one to watch not only in the Canadian music scene, but also internationally when it comes to dreamy electro pop. We'll be eagerly watching to see what comes next.