Jarreau Vandal - Anthology

Jarreau Vandal has moved his way into my soul with his debut mixtape, Anthology.

Anthology delivers some of Jarreau Vandal’s best works on a delicious platter of musical greatness. Drawing influence from swooning RnB, hypnotic hip hop, infectious grime, and luscious lo-fi, Anthology has something for every music fan. Entering the album an open mind is highly recommended, as Jarreau Vandal both meets and smashes expectations. The lush lyrics, succulent soundscapes, and alluring aspects of each of Anthology’s tracks, propels the listener into a realm of elated euphoria. Jarreau Vandal has composed a mixtape that promenades his prowess as well as his collaborators.

I’ll be eagerly waiting for whatever is next from Jarreau Vandal.