Jesse Woolston - Nova EP

New Zealand based composer, and producer, Jesse Woolston has just released his breathtaking Nova EP.

Nova, in its entirety is a sensational release curated to seep deep into your subconscious. The EP’s refined depth forged by Jesse Woolston’s production prowess is best experienced in a single, dedicated listening session. A baroque and intricate sound design delves into brooding orchestral ensembles, as subtle electronic elements gingerly trickle through the EP’s sparse soundscape. With an exquisite diligence to detail, Jesse Woolston ensures each track morphs seamlessly into the next, transcending Nova into a sensual affair. Soothing, and engrossing, Nova bridges the gap between experimental art and commercially viable music.

Jess Woolston is a master of his craft, and his adept artistic skills should be acknowledged more than they are. I’m eager to hear the artist’s next release.