JIM ALXNDR - Retro Future Love Sound Machine

Do you require a bit of forward thinking and genre defying production in your life? Melbourne via Los Angeles producer and composer, JIM ALXNDR has you covered with the Retro Future Love Sound Machine album.

Over its 10 tracks, Retro Future Love Sound Machine explores everything from lounge jazz, lofty pop, and lo-fi house, resulting in a vivacious and diverse listening experience. JIM ALXNDR is an artist who actively works against the grain of traditional practice, while also producing approachable pieces for consumption. This revolution and genre defying complex, flirts with mainstream tropes, allowing for receptive listening experience. I highly encourage consuming Retro Future Love Sound Machine in the company of others. This group participation provokes a conversation surrounding the bounds of conventional compositions, while fracturing institutional norms of sonic structures. JIM ALXNDR is a master of his craft, and Retro Future Love Sound Machine is a testament to his skill as a songwriter, composer and producer.

JIM ALXNDR is on his way to the top, and I can’t wait to hear what’s to come.