Joe Goddard - Electric Lines

After a few listens of Joe Goddard's newest creation Electric Lines, it becomes apparent that the album is more than a collection of music. Electric Lines is a slow burner with an eclectic musical landscape, that captures the best of the producer's skill. I came to appreciate and enjoy the well thought out piece of groove-tastic production, that appeals to many different musical tastes.

Joe describes the album as the "connections" to all the electronic music that he adores, mixing and matching genres to create the ultimate concoction. This concept of connections extends to the album art, where various multi coloured cables represent his love for multiple genres, but all meld to construct a complete multidimensional image.

Goddard covers 90% of the electronic industry with this album, from soulful choirs and pop influences, to hiphop beats and techno ramblings; a very unique and interesting mix of sub-genres. Listening to this album is truely an experience. During one song you feel like you're cruising over at the stunning Australian landscape, to be absorbed into it; free flowing, undisturbed, and surreal... Moments later you're abruptly shifted into the underground metropolitan of an illegal techno party in one of London's many abandoned warehouses. A dynamic arrangement of tracks that meld to create a diverse yet fascinating experience. 

I don't want to spoil this gem of an LP for you... Listen to Electric Lines for yourself here:

Joe Goddard - Electric Lines

8.5 / 10