Kamaliza - Zanzibar


Sydney based artist Kamaliza has recently released a powerfully, buoyant single called ‘Zanzibar.’

Kamaliza who had quit his job to focus on music as a fulltime career, has started making soundwaves with his tranquil voice and energetic vibes. ‘Zanzibar’ is a collaboration of tasty rhythms and lyrics which blossomed from Kamaliza’s personal experiences and feelings.

Be on the look out for more swift tunes from Kamaliza in the future.

I’ve come to realize that although fear is a necessary, evolutionary response, if you let it get in the way of your focus it can cripple you. However, when a healthy amount of fear sits parallel with passion and reverence for your chosen field, it’s a winning combination. ‘Zanzibar’ aims to capture that feeling
— Kamaliza