Kav Verhouzer - Shot My Love Down (Feat. Modd)

By Rozie Steel & Luke Byatt

Dutch DJ and producer Kav Verhouzer is back with another spectacular track following on from his wildly celebrated tune ‘Get What You Came For.’ Blessing us, and the new year, Kav has released the sensational creation, ‘Shot My Love Down featuring Modd.’

A diverse mix of genre’s sets ‘Shot My Love Down’ apart from Kav Verhouzer’s other pieces. Deep samples from Jan Schroder’s country/western guitar riffs were mixed, and manipulated with other elements to create a feel good instrumental. The implementation of Modd’s vocals on top of the textured, funky arrangement adds a refreshing element to the mix. ‘Shot My Love Down’ is Kav’s best release to date, and is a testament to his musical maturity, and diversity.