If you’re an electro pop fan it’s time to block out 20 minutes for a groove, thanks to Aussie born, LA based producer, Kito and her EP, HAANI.

From memorable melodies to PC inspired glitch heavy beats, HAANI flaunts the best of what the pop realm has to offer. Opening single, ‘Ego’ exudes sass and commands attention, as vivacious vocals meld with an electrifying production. One of the EP’s collaborators, Broods appear on ‘Creature Kind’. The single shines in it’s simplicity, as Georgia Nott’s lush lyrics prosper through the production. HAANI’s third track, ‘Pamplemousse’ blends the best of Kito’s PC beats and Hudson Mohawk’s launching production. ‘Strawberries’ is a rap ensemble pulling heavy weights Elley Duhe, Trinidad James and Kodie Shane to the forefront. ‘Love Hurts’ digs into the soar with its somber, yet gripping production. The addition of Tara Carosielli’s vocals propel the single to new heights. Closing HAANI is ‘Blue’ featuring Shy Girls, an engrossing piece that streaks elating electronic undertones.

In HAANI, Kito has once again expressed why she’s one of the go to producers in the game! I can’t wait to see what’s to come from this flourishing act.

Kito hi res-2.jpg