Korky Buchek - Outer Space

Have you ever wondered what punk, hip hop, and funk would sound like if it had an electronic overhaul? Wonder no more because Sydney siders Korky Buchek have done just that with their Outer Space EP.

The carefree attitude of Outer Space ignores genre conformity, resulting in an album structure that’s confused but insanely fun. At its core the Outer Space’s four tracks are an elating experience designed to make you dance. ‘Pull Your Pants Up’ featuring Dofu, opens the EP and is one of the most experimental singles with punk influences morphing with harsh bass. ‘Operator’ featuring Lauren blends a nightcore house production with fierce hip hop verses. ‘Keepin’ On’ captures the essence of funk and flips it into an acid house and tech house dreamscape. Closing Outer Space is ‘J’aime Danser’, a techno hybrid that neatly closes the record with boisterous beats.

Korky Buchek are no strangers to subverting the traditional practices, and Outer Space is a prime example. I can’t wait for Korky Buchek’s next release because I know for a fact it’ll be boundary breaking and an exhilarating experience.