Kult Kyss - Chase The Sun

Kult Kyss have reaffirmed that they're at the top of the game with their newest release, a rework of Planet Funk's 'Chase The Sun'.

The grooving vibes of the original haven't just been captured, but expanded upon with ingenuity, and enthusiasm. Rromarin and Haxx of Kult Kyss brought in their signature flair of powerful production and vivacious vocals to the rework. 'Chase The Sun' boasts a sophisticated dance driven soundscape, with celestial vocal stems flirting and dancing their way around the lively production. A dynamic beat complements the ethereal persona, driving you through the twists and turns of the five and a half minute experience. 

 Kult Kyss are without a doubt one of Australia's top tier electronic acts! It's no secret I'm a fan, and I'm eagerly waiting for the pair's next release.

Kult Kyss Press Photo (LO-RES).jpg