Kult Kyss - Ekko

Melbourne duo, Kult Kyss (Haxx and Rromarin) have been a favourite of mine for some time, now the pair have released another sensational single, ‘Ekko’.

‘Ekko’ is an engrossing sonic journey that surges with rhythmic flair and alluring grace. The single’s crisp cadence laid out by Haxx’s powerful production acts as the foundation for Rromarin’s vivacious vocals. Kult Kyss have forged a unique and ornate segment of the electronic market with their fluid, and surging soundscapes. ‘Ekko’ capitalises on the duo’s exclusive position further differentiating them from their contemporaries. Kult Kyss are masters of their craft, and ‘Ekko’ is a testament to the pair’s adept artistry.

Kult Kyss continue to blow me away with every release, it’s only a matter of time before the band is an international name.

Kult Kyss press shot.jpg