LANKS - twentyseven

Hold on to something sturdy because LANKS has just dropped the title track from his upcoming debut album and no surprises; it’s a banger! As an incredibly personal track, ‘twentyseven’ narrates the insecurities that LANKS faces around standards of success.

‘twentyseven’ is a faster-paced wink at LANKS' mellow earlier singles, that soon grows to an explosive height through the use of drums and trumpet-like howls in its production. While it may seem easy to miss amongst its gorgeous production, ‘twentyseven’ has a beautiful lyrically quality that gives the track a deeper substance. Lines like “I focus on the inside out, my head is fillin’ up with doubts” take ‘twentyseven’ to a new level and continue to showcase LANKS' prowess. 

LANKS is a frontrunner in Australian indie electronica, and 'twentyseven' is a testament to that.