LEViT∆TE - Fatalism

Seattle based producer, LEViT∆TE has returned with his sinister, Fatalism EP. Over the record’s four tracks, Fatalism boasts harsh and foreboding soundscapes that are designed to send shiver up your spine.

‘In This City’, opens Fatalism with an eerie atmosphere and thrashing bass, the juxtaposing sonics are balanced in an enrapturing fashion. ‘Pitchblaque’ perfectly forges an uneasy tension that amplifies until a bombardment of brutal bass and savage glitches rip through the unhinged production. ‘Wasting Your Breath’ maintains the anguished aura, as distant vocoded vocals cut through a fluid bass concoction. Closing Fatalism is ‘I’ll Pray For You’s fluctuating vistas, as the single oscillates from volatile to somber. LEViT∆TE’s Fatalism EP is an impeccable example of a glitch and bass master at his best.

I can’t wait to see what else LEViT∆TE has up his sleeve in 2019.