Lou Parker - Remove EP

Lou Parker’s stunning introduction to the scene can be discovered in his debut EP, Remove. Over two tracks, the EP delves into the realms of chilled electronic house and brooding mid tempo ambience.

The EP’s title track, ‘Remove’ delivers a delicate soundscape accompanied by muted undertones. The opening moments employ a haunting atmosphere, which lead into a choir of synths and an eerie guitar ensembles. Each element gradually breaks down to reveal a few select chords coupled with gentle vocals. This elegant transition eventually ushers in a caliginous beat. With ‘Remove’ encapsulating the combination of two different sonic ideas, Lou Parker scrutinises the human condition.

Riding on the foundation laid by the previous track, ‘Almost’ applies a boisterous piano with warm percussion and vinyl distortion. The single’s profound persona sweeps over with intense vigour. Murky, cinematic textures combine with striking hints of reese bass and fragile vocals, providing the track with a sense of somber grandeur. Lou Parker has forged an engaging listening experience that is designed to take you on a contemplative journey into the mind.

The Remove EP displays Parker’s impressive artistry and I’m are eager to hear what he releases in the future!

I think this is a good representation of the different emotions we tend to feel and how quickly we can flip from being happy or feeling good, to it all going south. It certainly represents that for me at the time.
— Lou Parker on 'Remove'
This release is really special to me, it comes off the back of a personal struggle with mental illness. Sonically, the production, sound design, soundscape and overall mood I guess are all representative of my state of consciousness when I created them. It’s a bit of a snapshot into my world then. My hope is that this translates and connects with people.
— Lou Parker on the Remove EP
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