Luude - La De Da (TBA Remix)


When Perth based legend, Luude dropped his filthy future bass single 'La De Da' we though, "This is best pile of dirty beats we've heard in a long time." Now a hardcore twist on the track has been created by TBA. Hint hint... It's a bloody banger.

This isn't the first time TBA has produced a ruthless remix. Earlier this year the muso completely reworked PNAU's 'Chameleon', transforming the light hearted club tune into a fierce, yet compelling industrial-dubstep creation.

Much like his 'Chameleon' remix, TBA has arranged his brutal beats, and turbulent melodies over Luude's 'La De Da'; upping the solid club banger into overdrive! 

Be warned this remix is not for the faint hearted, but it will get the blood pumping, and the body moving!