Luunes - Glass

By Jez Ryan

Newcastle duo Luunes share their debut single, a captivating cut of moody electronica ‘Glass’ — showcasing the duo’s wistful and creative sound.

The pivot of the track is the smooth, unfettered vocals and harmonies of Anna Milat, one part of Luunes. By looping and simplifying the arrangement, such vocals are able to lead the song through an honest exploration of the immense impact that people can have on each other.

“The track came about accidentally but naturally at Sam’s home studio, inspired by the idea of using vocals as a driving rhythmic instrument. By the end of the night, Glass had developed an unusual and intriguing sound, essentially portraying the effects of a person completely altering and obscuring another’s perception.” - Luunes

The lyrics, while simple, are simultaneously personal and universal, creating a track that has the ability to resonate infinitely. For a first release, ‘Glass’ heralds momentous success for a talented, insightful electronic duo who will no doubt intrigue and compel with their intricate and gorgeous sounds.