Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman

Canadian electro powerhouse, Marie Davidson has returned with a stunningly creative album titled, Working Class Woman.

 The boundary pushing LP sees Davidson exploring inner turmoil and instability over a number of stripped back instrumentals which meander around the borders of house, acid, ambient and techno. The track ‘Lara’ demonstrates Davidsons’ dexterity in effortlessly drifting between genres, combining rippling synthesizers and irrational ticking for a high energy acid track. ‘Workaholic Paranoid Bitch’ features hard hitting 808 kicks and toms, surrounded by a flurry of short echoed synth warbles. Nina Kraviz also paid Davidson the highest honour, releasing her own take on this track and saluting the Montreal maestro as an inspiration. ‘So Right’ is another one of the LP’s highlights and features swooning hedonistic vocals plateaued in an ambient lust filled atmosphere. ‘Burn Me’ channels the tension developed through the predecessor tracks into an aggressive angst-ridden techno hard hitter.  Overall, Davidson delivers a unique listening experience riddled with uneasiness on Working Class Woman.

Following on from the successes of 2016 project Adieux Au Dancefloor, the Working Class Woman LP cements Davidson’ reputation as one to be counted with the numerous other highly talented female producers pioneering the house/electronica scene at present. What perhaps separates Davidson from the others is her willingness to venture away from strictly adhered to genre mechanics, in preference of producing hybrid electronica that margins undefinable.