Mindsight - Doom

German tastemaker and producer, Mindsight has returned with his experimental masterpiece, 'Doom'.

The forward thinking nature of 'Doom' has been teased in various aspects of Mindsight's previous work. Now that each of Mindsight's sparse, and foreboding facets are on display, we can delve deep into the single's baroque structure. A gradual rise  of hazy melodies drone as industrial elements scratch, and clamour throughout 'Doom's stems. An anxiety rich breakdown, purposefully strikes, as bastardised beats violently fracture the soundscape. 'Doom' pushes the boundaries of any of Mindsight's previous releases, and is a standout growth point for the accomplished artist.

With each subsequent release, and performance, Mindsight reinforces his position as one of Europe's tastemakers. I can't wait to see what's next!