MUTO - Say Nothing (Feat. Emerson Leif)

It's not too often I confess my love for a musician. MUTO has wooed his way into my heart. From the release of 'Through The Fog' and subsequent releases, MUTO and his music has transitioned from a casual listen to something I strive to make time for; sitting down to absorb wholeheartedly. 

The Sydney producer has returned after a six month break with his sensual single, 'Say Nothing' featuring the euphoric vocals of Emerson Leif. The track balances MUTO's signature mixture of light and dark, through warm synths complemented by brooding vocals. 'Say Nothing' is another huge step forward for the Sydney producer. MUTO has moved on from being positioned as 'one to watch' to now becoming recognised for producing emotionally rich and complex productions.

With a debut 7-track EP coming out in October, and a global tour booked, MUTO is wrapping up 2017 in a wonderful fashion.