Myth x Vacant - Metropolis

2017 has been a massive year for London based producers and composers Myth and Vacant. The figure heads of the atmospheric electro scene have released the infatuating new track 'Metropolis'.

'Metropolis' encompasses both Myth and Vacant's individual and recognisable styles. The fusion of styles results in a track that flirts with both dark trap elements and the ambient drone forming a subterranean atmosphere. The single's mysterious persona dances over an intoxicating beat, as glitches and subtle elements peak through the dynamic production. 'Metropolis' is a story; an engaging prologue captures your attention. The main body of the track twists and turns throughout then leads into an enthralling climax.

Myth, and Vacant are a force to be reckoned with! I love their individual work, and their collabs; I'm so keen for their next one.

We are both passionate about composing for film etc, so we decided to channel that into this track and create something different yet atmospheric. The reception has been great so far!
— Myth