Nicole Millar - Blindfolded

Local legend Nicole Millar has returned to grace our ears with another electro-pop masterpiece. 'Blindfolded' follows on the sensual Communication EP, and is a radiant addition to the vocalist's cosmic catalogue.

'Blindfolded' is poised as one of the strongest tracks released from the Sydney based artist. This is generated from the expertly designed top-line that dances its way through the synth driven soundscape; constructed by co-producer Kilter.  This impeccable track is complimented by a phenomenal music video directed by Josh Harris.

'Blindfolded' is the first track to be teased from Nicole Millar's debut album. If 'Blindfolded' is anything to go by, this long awaited debut album is sure to be a hit! We can't wait!

I find it really hard to trust people as most men in my life have let me down... This song definitely draws on that. The feeling that someone isn’t being completely honest and they’re hiding something from you.
— Nicole Millar