Nicole Millar - Excuse Me LP

Anyone who is familiar with the buoyant, nostalgia-tinged electropop of Sydney’s Nicole Millar would be excited to hear her debut fifteen-track debut LP, Excuse Me.

The opening numbers on Excuse Me set out to immediately showcase the talent that Millar offers. ‘Signals’, a fierce, tropical flex is one of two EP cuts to make the album and is a personal favourite of mine. Where ‘Signals’ was bold and abrasive, ‘All My Issues’ contrasts by offering a glimpse at a more vulnerable side of Millar. ‘Buttons’ and ‘No Strings’ are both bubbly numbers that employ a tongue-in-check rhetoric. ‘Gimme a Break’ is one of the highlights of Excuse Me. The synth-heavy 80’s production dominates in a track, can only be described as “neon sound.”

‘Pink Sundae’ features cinematic, disco-tinged bubble-gum pop in a collaboration with Sydney vocalist and producer, Muki. Lead single ‘Blindfolded’ showcases the immersive pop music that Nicole Millar is well known for, while ‘Money’ is a glimmering pop ballad featuring subtle reggae influence. ‘Sign Me Up’ features vocals from budding US hip-hop artist Heno and while it’s the only hip-hop track in her album, the cross-genre experimentation delivers a raw and energetic finished product.

‘No Tears for Free’, the most lyrically heavy track on Excuse Me delivers genuine emotion without weighing down the perky attitude that the rest of the album basks in. ‘Dot’ and ‘Secret’ are fun pop melodies that act as leads for ‘Tremble’, a well-polished song that displays the best of her sonic aesthetic. Closing track, ‘On Rewind’ is captivating in Millar’s contemplation of her memories and journey not just as an artist but as a person.

Excuse Me is by all means a high-energy album, one that features a handful of soaring pop songs that it’s near impossible to choose a favourite from. However, it is the experimentation with other producers and genres that gives Nicole Millar the growth and maturity to deliver an album with such a high-calibre of budding hits.