Obseen - Envy Me

Sydney’s musical one stop shop, Obseen is back at it again with his debut EP, Envy Me.

‘Bad News’ opens the album with its intense lead and gorgeous guitar riffs. ‘Bed Bugs’ shows the versatile texture of Obseen’s voice, and vocal control. ‘I Don’t Care’ is easily my favourite track on the Envy Me EP. The single focuses on Obseen’s instrumental prowess, and emotive lyrics, capturing a listener in a heavenly soundscape. ‘This Isn’t Our Love’ flourishes with flavourful beats and a colourful guitar. The closing track, ‘Envy Me’ flaunts Obseen’s signature catchy guitar riffs, a minimalist beat and groovy vocals.

Obseen has had a cracking year so far.  With several music videos underway, as well as a stack of shows lined up, he shows no signs of slowing down. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. 

Envy Me is an anthem for the underdog and explains how materialism is no catalyst for happiness, contrasting this with the simple life of pursuing happiness and enjoying good company.
— Obseen