ODESZA - Higher Ground (Feat. Naomi Wild)

When 'Higher Ground' was leaked earlier this week, musical powerhouses ODESZA didn't try to delete the evidence, rather they released the official version. All we can say is that ODESZA boys are bloody legends for releasing it, so everyone could listen to the real deal!

ODESZA implement their signature cosmic vibes, that float and whirl around Naomi Wild's whimsical vocals to form an enchanting atmosphere.

Be sure to catch ODESZA when they hit up Sydney and Melbourne in September.

We were on a writing trip out in Lake Chelan, WA when we first heard Naomi’s voice. We started adding rhythm and chords and everything just fell into place. It was one of those rare moments where the song felt like it wrote itself. This is one of our favourite tracks off the album and we’re excited to share it with you.