Oh Boy - Love Me Right (Feat. Sam Bluer)

Sydney producer, Oh Boy has bounced back into our lives with some feel good pop.

'Love Me Right' featuring the funk centric vocals of Sam Bluer is a surefire party pleaser. The single's buoyant persona plays around the animated vocal arrangement forming a fun and bubbly production. Oh Boy's attention to detail, and prowess as a producer is exposed with each subsequent play, where PC samples are dynamically mixed with traditional electronic elements.

I'm in love with this quirky and joyous single. Added to this 'Love Me Better' is a showcase of Oh Boy's maturity as a producer, and artist. I can't wait for the next release from this rising star!

I really wanted to continue the vibe I had going with Rush Hour and when I had finished the demo instrumentally I asked for some vocal recommendations from a few friends and Nic Kelly put me in contact with Sam! He sent me a demo within a few days and it was incredible! He’s super talented.
— Oh Boy